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Johnson Web Designs understands that the Internet is evolving and shifting in so many different directions. My focus is on your success. My goal is to help our clients develop their web presence to their target market. JWD can design and host a new site or convert an existing site– integrating SEO for search engine optimization, designing it with the appropriate look and feel, then launching it and overseeing it.

Let me help you in elevate of your business

Research and Planning

I understand that each business has specific needs, so I work closely with every one of them to develop a solution that best meets those needs.

Design and Development

I focus not only on providing beautiful design, but also on layouts that provide your clients with the information they need while also making a good first impression.

Marketing Strategy

My SEO service gives you instant and long lasting results that will put you head and shoulders above your competition.

Website Features

Johnson Web Designs provides high quality web design that will match your company's image and create a positive first impression with customers. Don't worry about handling any of the tech or design work! I can take care of all the details for you so you can focus on more important things.


Adjusts to any and all Devices and Screen Sizes.


Designs that are custom made and interchangeable


Ability to add Photos Galleries, Videos, or Eye-capturing Animations

SEO Friendly

Pages are easily defined by Search Engines and Social Media


Ability to start your own online business and sell products.


Generate Leads right from your website. No more cold-calling.

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Web Design

Whether you are planning a major overhaul of your site or you simply need a few updates to make it easier to use, I can make it happen. My clients know that when they come to me they are dealing with a professional and I take my job seriously. As a result, I always go above and beyond what is required to make your site as great as possible. 

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Web Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently answered Web Design questions and answers.

My normal timetable for completing a website is 2-3 weeks, although this varies each project because each customer determines the size and pace of their project. The speed of completion is affected by how much input you can provide during the early phases, your feedback, and how quickly the content is provided. Your timing will be influenced by the functionality and adjustments required.

The cost of a website design is determined by the specific requirements of each project. Every website is different and requires different components; I create custom websites tailored to your company's needs. I'll ask you a lot of questions, evaluate your requirements, and provide you with a price quote based on our findings.

I can assist you in maintaining your website, or you can make minor adjustments yourself. You have complete control over your decision. Many of my clients receive ongoing support from me, but it is not required. If you require regular updates to your website, please contact me and I will provide an hourly quote depending on your specific needs.

Yes! After the migration, you will have full access to the backend of your new website, allowing you to make simple text edits, photo changes, new product additions, and pricing changes on your own. However, for more sophisticated adjustments and maintenance, such as plugin updates, design or structure changes, and extensive feature requirements, I recommend hiring a professional (developer).

I can assist you with obtaining a new domain and hosting. This will ensure that you have complete access to your website after it has been migrated. However, I do recommend a number of hosting companies, including Hostinger, and I will finish the transfer to your new hosting as part of the website design package price.

Absolutely! It is more important than ever to have a mobile-friendly website! I make every effort to ensure that your website is responsive on modern devices and browsers.

Your suggestions and feedback are critical to the design and development of this website. I'll start by asking you a lot of questions about your needs, likes, and desires, and then work with you to create the perfect look and functionality. I also ask that you send us some sample websites before we begin working on your project. Remember, this is your website, and I need your help and guidance in determining your final vision. I'd love to hear your ideas.

I expect you to supply the suitable text content for your website. Because you are the expert on your industry, it is always best if it comes from you. If you require assistance, I know copywriters who can help you clean up or write original content. AI Copywriting is also available for an additional fee of $99.

Your website's design does not include monthly SEO. All of the items I add to your website, including text, photos, and video, are visible to Google, but this does not guarantee that you will rank first. I do, however, offer additional SEO services in our Business Plans!

I enjoy working with and guiding new businesses that are excited about establishing an online presence and bringing their vision to life. As of right now, I'm not accepting any complex projects.

SEO Optimization

SEO services can be the difference between breaking the ice online and falling short of leads. If this is your first SEO implementation or you have tried unsuccessfully to optimize before, it's time to call a professional. I can setup high quality and effective Social Media Management.

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SEO Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is concerned with obtaining organic website traffic and high search result rankings. There are numerous SEO strategies available to achieve the aforementioned objectives. This could range from creating website content based on keywords relevant to your industry to maintaining a strong presence across multiple social media platforms. SEO practices and strategies are constantly evolving in order to remain effective as internet search engines update their algorithms on a regular basis.

I would need more information about your company to answer this question. The most common reason that most campaigns fail (and possibly yours in the past) is that the company fails to properly assess the amount of work required to produce excellent results.

The answer to this question is highly dependent on where you are now, what SEO has been done previously, and the level of competition you face. Most websites on page two can be moved to the first page within three months. For a brand new website, expect it to take 6+ months to achieve good first page rankings for competitive keywords. Your leads and traffic will gradually and consistently increase.

Social Media does play a part of SEO Marketing. I can assist you in some content for your social media account, however, I will not be managing it.

While many SEO companies guarantee first-page rankings, Google ultimately decides, and no SEO company can truly master rankings.