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Johnson Web Designs is affiliated with Hostinger which offers a range of hosting services tailored to meet the needs of different small businesses. Whether you require email hosting or shared web hosting for your new start-up, they have a plan to suit your budget and cater for all your technological requirements.

Hostinger Plans

Small or Large, 
They Have Plans for Everyone

Different projects necessitate the use of various technologies. Choose a plan that meets your current requirements, then upgrade and scale as your website grows.

Shared web hosting

A user-friendly and affordable web hosting solution. Perfect for small to medium websites.

Cloud Hosting

A powerful managed web hosting solution for large scale projects and high-traffic sites.

Wordpress Hosting

Take advantage of a hosting solution optimized for the best WordPress performance.

Hostinger: the highest quality service at the best price possible.

 The Customer Always Comes First

Their success is built on a customer-first approach. Hostinger would not be where it is today if it wasn't for their input. As a result of the feedback they receive from their users, they try to bring updates and new features.

 They Never Stop Learning

In Hostinger's culture, lifelong learning has always played a vital role. Customers benefit from this since they can count on receiving the best possible service from them every year.

 Efficiency and Practicality Drives their Workflow

Using resources as effectively as possible is the golden rule at Hostinger. No money is wasted on overpriced software, and they only work with the top companies in the business.

 They Support You - The Innovators

As a fan of Innovators, Hostinger admires them. which is why they want to provide you the capacity to develop your ideas into a robust and sustainable online project. Developing great ideas requires a lot of energy. Customers at Hostinger have access to cutting-edge technologies at a low cost.